Funeral Poetry For Grandmother - Grandmother’s Happy Years

Funeral poetry for grandmother, one of the best poem for funerals that pay tribute to grandmother poem.  Remember and honor your grandmother's memory with this funeral remembrance poem."


Grandmother’s Happy Years

These years of love, such splendid years,
That gift of time that God bestowed.
She gave and molded me with love,
And made me strong and sure of life.


Oh! How I long to see her face,
That beauty ‘neath the wrinkled lines,
Wrought by the years of pain and stress.
The lines enhanced by time well done.


But now she’s gone to her good God.
She’s left the world a better place.
Her wisdom lives inside us all
And mem’ry will not fade with time.


May I, when I am old and grey,
Be loved the way that I loved her
And give to youth what she gave me,
The pearls of life for them to grow.


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