Poem About Grandmothers - Gran

Poem about grandmothers - a beautiful free funeral remembrance poem.



‘You’re still a kid’
My Gran would say
‘Don’t give me cheek
‘I’ll tan your hide
‘Now clean your room
‘Then play outside.’
She’s fierce my Gran,
Or so she seemed,
To all my friends,
But I just knew
If I behaved
Then I would see
That soft inside
When Mom came home
To take her turn.
When eve’ning came,
She’d hold me close
And tell me things
That she once did
In days gone by
When she was young.
A lively one
Gran used to be.
Her stories thrilled,
The daring deeds.
I sat enthralled
Upon her knee.
Then bed I’d go
And dream her deeds.


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